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We don’t sell generic wellness platforms, but instead work with you to create highly engaging and bespoke solutions that a) your employees want, b) your business needs and c) are based on proven behaviour change and health science to deliver measurable impact. 

Everything we do is developed with your employee population in mind, ensuring we engage them in a way they appreciate whilst cost-effectively delivering improved health, wellbeing and productivity.

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We can help with strategic health impact and evaluation frameworks, bespoke behaviour change programme design, implementation playbooks and engaging employee communications. We can also provide expert support in selecting and procuring the right services for your employee population.

Plus, where appropriate, our Younger Lives programmes can be used to research and improve your employees' wellbeing & performance.

Visit our consumer site for examples of Younger Lives business services


The most limiting resource to the success of organisations is the energy of it’s people. It does not matter what sector I work in, the constant theme that comes through time and time again is how stressed, over worked and lethargic employees are. The time has come to create organisations that support individuals to enhance their energy during these demanding times. Younger lives has an innovative approach and diagnostic that identifies what can be done at an individual and organisation level to enhance the energy and the performance of individuals. We have for years invested in creating safe workplaces for employees, the time has come to create healthier workplaces.

Geoff McDonald,
Business Transformation & Mental Health Campaigner, TED speaker, ex Unilever
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