Outstanding employee performance isn’t just about excellent skills and competencies, it’s also about your employees having the capacity to bring their best to work each day. 


Work Life & Me® is an evidence-based programme that helps individual employees, teams and entire organisations understand what is driving their wellbeing and performance, and how this can be maintained and improved over time.

Work Life & Me is an evidence-based programme that assesses the impact of nine different lifestyle factors: covering physical health, emotional wellbeing and the impact of our work and personal lives on our ability to be at our best.  


The most limiting resource to the success of organisations is the energy of it’s people. It does not matter what sector I work in, the constant theme that comes through time and time again is how stressed, over worked and lethargic employees are. The time has come to create organisations that support individuals to enhance their energy during these demanding times. Younger lives has an innovative approach and diagnostic that identifies what can be done at an individual and organisation level to enhance the energy and the performance of individuals. We have for years invested in creating safe workplaces for employees, the time has come to create healthier workplaces.

Geoff McDonald

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