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We are now offering Work Life & Me free of charge to individuals

2023 is going to be a tough year for many and lots of people are already feeling pretty drained. To help, we have taken the decision to open up our Work Life & Me service free of charge to all individuals.

You can find the free Work Life & Me assessment at

The assessment takes less than 10 mins, is completely anonymous and provides a detailed personal report of what is driving and draining your energy, plus links to relevant support that may be helpful.

Since we launched the service in 2021, Work Life & Me has been used to support nurses in the UK and Spain. Here's a quote from one of the nurses who used the tool:

"Nurses should give this a go, it helps highlight the areas that you struggle with whilst offering solutions that are realistic to implement and maintain. The tool is simple to use and aimed with our roles in mind, no daft suggestions or gimmicks. Being part of this has mobilised me into losing weight, 4 stone so far, and the difference is noticeable both at work and home. Give it a try, you’ve nothing to lose but the weight!" Siena, Healthy Weight for Nurses Participant

Whilst we are not suggesting that this tool is the answer to everything, having studied the research, we know that even in very challenging times it can be helpful to reflect what is personally affecting you - and work out what you can proactively do to improve your energy and wellbeing in the areas you can control.

Please feel free to share with your networks and colleagues as we want to support as many people as we can.

Thanks and look after yourselves.

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