Why workplace health is a behavioural and personalisation challenge

COVID has had a fundamental impact on all of us. Living in lockdown for over 3 months has changed the way we live and made many of us reflect on what life (and work) means to us. So whilst lockdown is now easing, we are also coming to terms with the fact that life is unlikely to return to exactly the way it was before. Commuting, work patterns, social interactions and health worries have changed.

Humans are not machines: whilst we can be logical, we are also highly emotional and social animals. Behaviour change not only requires sufficient motivation, but also having the right skills and a supportive environment. So to successfully re-shape the new workplace post COVID, employees and employers need to listen to each other and work collaboratively to shape the future and adopt any new behaviours needed for success.

For workplace wellbeing programmes specifically, employers need to recognise that different employees have different needs, and as such need access to different solutions. Whilst for some companies this may mean further diversifying their offer, in conversations with HR Directors, it seems that many companies already have a large array of solutions and support on offer, but the problem is that they are not being properly accessed by employees.

Whilst this is frustrating for HRDs, it is not a new phenomenon - if it was just the mere existence of information and services that made us all healthy - we would all be 'superhuman' with everything that is available on Google! A just 'humans' we need a bit more help. First we need to be aware of what we need, then we have to be motivated to want to change, and then we need simple ways of finding solutions that we feel are are personally relevant to us and we can trust will work.

So for many employers this is not about offering more and more services, but about getting the right solutions to the right employees. We believe it is this personalisation that represents the next generation of workplace wellbeing.

We would love to hear about any successful behavioural approaches or personalisation you have been using to redesign your workplace post COVID. Please do get in touch or leave a comment.