We are world leading experts in age-based risk assessments and programme design. Since creating the original heart age test back in 2007, we have gone from strength to strength, working with many private and public sector clients all over the world, implementing programmes in the UK, mainland Europe, the USA, Singapore and Abu Dhabi. 

Our healthy ageing programmes inspire people to take control of their lives, reverse their rate of ageing and reduce the risk of developing serious health conditions.

Our programmes include: Heart Age, Diabetes Age® & Diabetes Edit®, and

Life Age® & LifeAge Edit

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Younger Hearts is our proprietary heart age program, based on globally recognised cardiovascular risk factors.


Heart Age is highly engaging and clinically proven to change behaviour as well as improve heart health. It is well suited to run alongside clinical risk factor testing programmes.

We are the world leading experts in the global implementation and integration of heart age into both clinical and commercial settings. 

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Launched in 2017, our Life Age programme is proven to motivate people to make lifestyle changes that improve their physical and mental wellbeing.

Life Age is engaging, evidence-based and measures progress at an individual and organisational level.

Our Life Age programmes provide an excellent framework for large scale community, consumer or employee wellness lifestyle programmes where clinical testing is not required or desired.