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We provide bespoke behaviour change consultancy and a range of evidence-based programmes to suit our clients needs.

Our client list includes: Movember, Bupa, NHS, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, Unilever, Singapore Heart Foundation and WW (Weight Watchers).


Our behaviour change consultancy and evidence-based programmes are all based on our 'R-E-A-L Behaviour Change' framework that combines:

  • population health, behavioural science and neuroscience

  • consumer insight, marketing & comms expertise

  • best practice programme build and sustainable business models experience

  • in market evaluation techniques


This ensures that our work is both engaging and has a measurable impact on health & wellbeing. 

Consultancy Client Example:

Younger Lives have been Movember's global health promotion and behaviour change partner since winning their RFP in August 2017.

“The Movember Foundation have played a significant role in highlighting men’s health around the world since 2003. Using a simple, fun idea we have seen a movement grow into a global brand driving real change for men. After an extensive global search, and with the support of an independent panel of experts, we are excited to be moving our health promotion work forward into the next phase with Younger Lives.” 

Sarah Coghlan, Movember's Global Director of Men's Health Promotion.


Behaviour Change 

is based on 20 years+ of

in-market experience

Launched in 2017, our Life Age programmes motivate people to make lifestyle changes that improve physical and mental wellbeing.

Life Age is a powerful behaviour change programme that is engaging, evidence-based and measures progress at an individual and organisational level for maximum impact 

Our Life Age programmes provide an excellent framework for large scale community, consumer or employee wellness programmes where clinical testing is not required. 

Younger Hearts is our proprietary heart age program, based on globally recognised cardiovascular risk factors.


Heart Age is highly engaging, clinically proven and best suited to run alongside clinical risk factor testing programmes.


Our founder, Dr Mark Cobain, invented the heart age concept in 2007, and since then Younger Lives have become the world leading experts in heart age implementation across the world. We have worked with the National Health Service in the UK, the Centre for Diseases Control in the USA, the Singapore Heart Foundation, and many commercial organisations, including Bupa, Cleveland Clinic and Unilever.