Younger Lives is a specialist health and wellbeing behaviour change company.

We work with a network of mission-aligned clients and partners across the globe to help millions of people live healthier, happier and more fulfilled lives.


Dr Holly Whelan and Dr Mark Cobain are passionate about helping people live longer, healthier and happier lives. They both have doctorates in Neuroscience and over 40 years combined experience working in behaviour change, healthy ageing and marketing & communications. Mark is the original inventor of heart age and Holly has managed many multi-million pound consumer and corporate brands. They are both fellows of the Royal Society for Public Health and honorary lecturers at Imperial College London. 


  • Co-Founder of Younger Lives Ltd 

  • BSc Psychology & PhD Neuroscience

  • 20 years + working in disease risk reduction, health and wellness

  • Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health​

  • Senior advisor to the American Heart Association Centre for Health Technology & Innovation

  • (Prev) Research Fellow in the Framingham Heart Study/Boston University

  • (Prev) Editorial Board, American Journal of Health Promotion

  • (Prev) Director of the ‘Healthy Ageing’ research group within Unilever

  • Original inventor of Heart Age the concept and patent holder for the underpinning algorithms


  • Co-Founder of Younger Lives Ltd 

  • BSc Biology & PhD Neuroscience

  • 20 years+ working in consumer health & wellness and behaviour change

  • Social marketing and health & wellness
    communications expert

  • Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health​​

  • Teacher at the School for Social Entrepreneurs​

  • (Prev) CEO Heart Age

  • (Prev) Director of Global Heart Health Unilever

  • (Prev) Director of Unilever Corporate Brand